Love International

Barbarella's, Croatia

Midland b2b Ryan Elliott
Krywald & Farrer

Shimmying last year’s Adriatic adventure onto land, we’re delighted to have been asked to take over Love International’s Monday night session at Barbarellas. The finest discotheque, as part of the finest festival in the land – we’ve had countless unforgettable evenings (and sunrises) under those Croatian stars, and can’t wait to be part of it this year…

Our regular partner in crime Midland joins us again after a stunning turn on the HMS Percolate last time out. Quite simply one of the best in the game (and with the tash to back it up) few others have such a deft touch spinning techno thru disco, back and beyond – reflected in his acclaimed Graded imprint and Regraded offshoot. Plus, he pretty much delivered the tune of last Summer, Final Credits – a track that will certainly have had its fair share of Barbarellas rotation.

Joining him for a special back-to-back session is Berghain regular and Ostgut Ton titan Ryan Elliott. Another cross-genre genie, his craft is best illustrated through his unique status as a resident in both the transcendental house mecca Panorama Bar, and the techno dungeon beneath. Basically – this fella is a really, really good DJ. Sparks gon’ fly with these two in control…