x Hidden Forest

Hidden, Manchester M3

Mister Saturday Night
Krywald & Farrer
Jamie Bull
Banana Hill
Hidden DJs

We’re incredibly excited to say the duo behind one of New York’s most beloved parties, Mister Saturday Night – are hot-footing it over the Atlantic this July for a rare Manchester appearance. They’ll be taking control of Hidden’s Courtyard for a 5 hour session, providing us a slice of how the Misters roll, sunside.

Attracting a wonderful crew of locals and party-going pilgrims alike – Justin and Eamon have been providing, and soundtracking awesome dance spots around the big apple since 2009 with their now folkloric Mister Saturday Night and Mister Sunday parties.

Reflecting, and ultimately cultivating their dancefloor diversity is an armoury of open ended, cross genre party selections. The boys deep passion for great music and parties with soul shines bright through their sets — it’s really something to behold, and we can’t wait to see what the Misters bring to our favourite Manchester dance.

As night falls, we’ll take it inside with a killer cast of our favourite party people and local heads – right thru till 4am.