Percolate All Night: Jacques Greene & Nightwave

Hangar, E8

Room 1: Jacques Greene
Room 2: Nightwave

A basement
Two rooms
Two selectors
Two takes on the all night trip
Special production for each party.

A bunch of records you don’t usually get to hear,
in a way you wouldn’t usually experience them.

On Saturday 30th March, Montreal’s Jacques Greene joins us. From RnB inflected early workouts, to spellbinding analogue live shows – he’s one of our favourite artists that has emerged from the electronic music landscape over the last decade. With 5 hours at his disposal, really can’t wait to see where he takes us.

Meanwhile Room 2 will see Nightwave take the reins for the duration – she spent her teenage years in Ljubljana absorbing the city’s Chicago and Detroit techno scene and is now taking her place in the storied lineage of Glasgow party starters…Sounds like a pretty perfect recipe to us.

Buckle up.