Manchester Launch

Soup Kitchen, Manchester M1

Kornél Kovács
Sam & Toby


Our Soup Kitchen mini-series last year was, quite simply, madness.

We’ve got some big things in the oven for this fine city (to all be revealed soon) – but first, we just really couldn’t resist one more dip in the kitchen for the start of term! 200 in the dance, we’re predicting a suitably sweaty mess in one of the best basements about – and we’ve got just the fella on deejay duties…

Half man, half anthem machine – one third of Studio Barnhaus and a fully killer DJ – Kornel Kovacs is in town. Zero pretension and a ridiculous ear for the weird and wonderful, unconventional heaters is the name of the game with Kornel – and we can’t think of anyone better to kick off the series!