Andromeda54: Return of the Cosmic Halloween Disco

Fabric, EC1

Mr. Scruff
Waajeed [live]
Krywald & Farrer

Moritz von Oswald [live]

5 Years of Bade Records:
Brothers Black
Tape Fear
Jenny Cheng

Dear Earthlings, this Halloween – fabric and Percolate bring to you a new frontier in extra-terrestrial nightlife – a dance unlike anything this planet has ever seen.

A tear in the space-time continuum has allowed for a portal to open deep below the streets of Farringdon, allowing entry for one night only to the most happening spot in the universe – a cosmic discotheque of dreams and debauchery known only as Andromeda54.

Now the stuff of legend, the last Andromeda sighting can be traced way back to October 2016. An 8 hour window into another world – where the most weird and wonderful creatures from across the cosmos converged, pushing the boundaries of space-time hedonism.

It may have only been two earth years since the portal closed, but time moves a lot faster beyond the asteroid belt and nightclubbing has evolved beyond your wildest dreams…

So on Saturday the 27th October, we invite you to leave earth behind for an evening. Steered by a soon-to-be-revealed selection of mysterious cosmic demigods and their array of mind-bending machines, we will together transcend towards inter-dimensional enlightenment.

fabric is an over 19s venue
Please remember to bring ID with you. No ID, no Entry.
fabric operates a zero tolerance policy to drugs. Anyone found with illegal drugs will be banned from the venue and reported to the police.